Vinyl At No Upfront Cost

Vinyl At No Upfront Cost

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Artists Powered By Fans

For Artists

Fund your next vinyl release with no up-front costs and get the exact number of records you need. We distribute your records direct to fan, reducing shipping costs and environmental impact. Whether it’s a new album, reissue, exclusive live album or whatever else, FairSound is ready to get your music on vinyl.

For Labels

FairSound enables labels to understand demand for each artist. With no upfront costs, our fan funded pre-order campaigns can help you free up cash for other projects. Whether it’s a new release or historic project, FairSound makes releasing vinyl easier than ever.

For Fans

Support your favourite artists to release their music on vinyl! Each pre-order is one-step closer to funding an entire run of vinyl.

When you back a campaign, funds will be taken from your account. Once the Press On Point is reached, manufacturing begins

If the campaign is unsuccessful, you will receive a full refund.

Artists powered by you. Independent artists are facing unprecedented challenges and with your help, you can make having their music pressed to vinyl a reality.

Backing Phases

Phase One

This is the backing phase, where artists/labels have up to 30 days to reach the Press On Point - which is the number of pre-orders needed to fund the pressing of at least 100 vinyl records.

Phase Two

Once a campaign reaches the Press On Point, the 12 week manufacturing period begins: lacquer cutting, metalwork and test presses are started. Pre-orders can continue at the artists request for another 21 days.

After this point, the final number of records for the run is decided - based on the total number of pre-orders plus any extras needed by the artist/label to sell on tour, in stores or online.

Phase Three

We make the records in-house at Press On Vinyl and order the printed parts. Once the full run is pressed, we pack and distribute directly to customers.

This saves extra postage and packaging fees to the artist/label, whilst also being kinder on the environment. Not only that, but it also saves time as the records will be sent straight to fans rather than a third party fulfilment company. Once your full order is fulfilled, profits are paid out to the artist or label.

NO Upfront Cost

Artists Powered by Fans, allowing more time for creativity and resources to be used for development and future projects.


One Place

Everything dealt with on one platform directly with the manufacturer - (pre-orders, manufacturing and fulfilment).

Smaller Footprint

Less environmental impact and lower costs distributing direct to pre-order customers from the factory.

Better Pricing

Same wholesale prices as dealing directly with the factory, low payment processing fee of 5% for sales on the platform, low fulfilment charge of £0.75 per record.

Artist Spotlight

Love 'N' Joy

The kyiv-based ukrainian band love’n’joy announces the release of their 2nd LP titled “Half Home”.

Real World Examples

Emerging Artists

FairSound partnered with Komparrison for the release of their debut EP. It was their first physical release and led to exposure from the likes of BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC News and Gigwise.

With their fanbase growing, they were booked for festivals such as Truck, Y Not and Twisterella, as well as heading out on their headline tours for acclaimed indie promoters This Feeling.

With the profits generated from their FairSound campaign, they were able to fund more merch with their own idiosyncratic designs, which has helped keep the band afloat on the road.


Legendary Leeds label Dance To The Radio chose to work with FairSound on a 12″ compilation of brand-new artists in autumn 2022.

Originally launched in 2004, DTTR have seen over a million sales on new acts, including platinum-selling The Pigeon Detectives.

Even with their impressive sales history, powering their new vinyl releases through fans meant the label could improve connections with their audience, while pressing the exact number required.

Legacy Artists

DARTZ! released their critically acclaimed debut album ‘This Is My Ship’ in 2007 on CD and digitally. 15 years on, they set up a FairSound project to release the album on vinyl for the first time.

The pre-order campaign was perfect for making sure they pressed the right amount if demand was larger – or smaller! – than expected.

Interest in the band spiked with increases in their social media engagement and streaming numbers, as well as gig offers for the first time in over a decade. Their FairSound campaign also alerted some independent record stores to the vinyl release and a further 250 orders were placed from those outlets.

A Little About FairSound

We understand how expensive vinyl can be and how difficult it is to gauge whether demand is there to justify the upfront cost and triple-figure minimum orders.

FairSound was born out of wanting to support grassroots artists and break down the financial barriers that often comes with ordering vinyl, offering an accessible solution for artists and labels, while simultaneously enabling fans to have a direct impact in bringing records to life.

Be fair, be sound.

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