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Firefly Recordings was born in 2001 with the aim of capturing a snapshot of UK punk, hardcore and indie bands that were all part of the same thriving scene at the time.

Things escalated quickly as one of the initial trio of releases – Kids Near Water’s EP1 – started picking up 5 star reviews which opened up several doors for both the band and the label.

After releasing several records with my own band on a range of different labels, where not all of the experiences had been favourable, The ethos of the firefly was to release music by bands we were friends with and liked as people. The aim was to the best job of getting those records out there as possible.

As well as 2 full length Kids Near Water albums, the next 4 years, saw releases from likes of Gameface, Travis Cut, Dead Inside, Otherwise, Scuttle, Rameses III, The Copperpot Journals, Jerry Built, Sunfactor and Beezewax; very few of which were available on vinyl at the time.

After 25 releases in 4 years, we eventually knocked it on the head in 2005 when real life got in the way and because most of the original Firefly bands had run their natural courses and had called it a day.

2022 saw us take a tentative step back into the world of label-dom again when we worked with Hopeless Dancer records to re-release Shutdown’s Emits a Real Bronx Cheer.

Over the years people have asked 2 questions. “”When are you going to get the Firefly catalogue on Spotify?”” and “”Any chance of The Copperpot Journals/Kids Near Water coming out on vinyl?””

Now is your chance!

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The Copperpot Journals

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