Riding The Low

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Riding The Low

EP of reworked songs-breathing new life into classics

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On the band’s latest EP release of reworked tracks the exchange rate fluctuates effortlessly between rock, psyche, Americana, alt and blues.

The band is made up of singer Paddy Considine, guitarists Chris Baldwin and Dan Baker, bassist Richard Eaton and drummer Conor Smith. 

Awake You Sleeping Giants (Part 1) is the band’s first EP after three previous albums including 2022’s The Death of Gobshite Rambo.

The band have said of the music: 

“It lends itself to all the influences like REM and Guided By Voices [but] it is quite theatrical,” 

Indeed the band’s live shows have been known to incorporate fake blood and a baseball bat with the listener taken on a sonic journey where the narrative builds to an apex.

“We want people to feel something. You bet it’s real. The size and power of the [songs] has not happened by accident. 

It’s a lot more muscular now, everyone is more confident in their place in the band and owning it more…”

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