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Aquashii is a music artist born in the UK and currently living in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. From 2004 to 2013 Aquashii awoke to an internal commission to assist in balancing and protecting Earth’s energetic grids. A rapid and bumpy awakening quickly aligned Aquashii with a mission far greater than himself and travelled to many places across the globe including Arizona, St Kitts, Sarasota Florida, Ireland, locations around the UK and finally Vietnam where he shifted focus from energetic earth grid work to artistry when his commission came to an end in 2013. From 2013 to 2016 Aquashii had many life shifts and challenges to face to free himself from the constructs of the current and crumbling control system on earth. 2016 was a big year when everything started to reveal itself that music would be the ultimate expression and life path moving forward. Meeting his life partner and combining their visions and artistry, the Aquashii vision was seeded and continues to bloom to this day. Aquashii; “Creation is the eternal nature of source and when embodying creation we embody this eternal nature. Deep healing and connection comes from this embodiment. When sharing creation we reflect and share that connection through the art… When others interact with authentic art coming from this connection it can be felt and often triggers the same connection within the listener/viewer. That is the deepest and strongest reason for the path of Artistry to unfold and is a calling I must fulfill.”

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