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music with Heart, Soul & Fire


Peter Griffin, aka centre, has a production style that spans across the spectrum of soulful beats, from serene to sinister, from lo-fi to high-energy. HIs first taste in production was in the ProTraker 3 Era, making beats and breaks for giggles with an Amiga getting the job done. 
 He added the cuts for hometown heroes Fugazi Rum, before moving to Cardiff and DJ life took over.

Producing under the moniker DJ Kovas, he worked alongside a bunch of international producers to create six self-published digital albums. That project culminated in 2011 with a release on the Ninja Tune label, Boundaries,

Recent productions have been released under the name: centre. Now his sound flips between light and dark. Big drums and bags of soul.

Broken beats and Jazz breaks help to make up a musical soup that’s chunky enough for the main course, and the starter. 
 Now with extra musicality!

It took time to transition from samples and scratches to scales and semi-tones. This means better music. Still beat-making daily, centre is on point.

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