Alfie Templeman

Like An Animal (5 Year Anniversary Edition)


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Track List

Side A

Yellow Flowers

Alfie Templeman

Like An Animal

Alfie Templeman

Tea & Biscuits

Alfie Templeman

Pink Lemonade

Alfie Templeman

Your Voice

Alfie Templeman

Side B


Alfie Templeman

Sunshine Superwoman

Alfie Templeman

Ice Cream Headache

Alfie Templeman

Bcos Ur Mine

Alfie Templeman

Like An Animal (demo)

Alfie Templeman

Specs & Info

Pink Disc 140g

Printed Centre Labels

Printed 3mm Spine Outer Sleeve

Printed Inner

Catalogue Number: CC111

Project Details

  • Limited run
  • Hand numbered (first come first serve on early numbers)
  • Special anniversary edition
  • Printed Inner
  • Updated for 2023 cover art
  • Totally new Side B: 5 unreleased tracks including Like An Animal demo version unavailable outside of the vinyl repress
When I was 15 years old, I knew I was already destined to be a musician. I’d been making songs in my room for a few years already, coming back from school and trying to perfect my craft. But every time I put something out into the world it seemed nobody caught on too much. 
That all changed in May 2018 when I received a DM from a label named Chess Club. That summer I worked as hard as I could making those 5 songs that went onto be my first ever project ‘Like An Animal’; writing producing and engineering the EP as best I could with the small amount of gear I had in my bedroom. I’m still immensely proud of Like An Animal and I often go back to it. I’ll chuck my headphones on and smile and laugh for 16 minutes. There’s some really lovely moments that warm my heart. 
With 2023 marking 5 years since it came out, I knew I wanted to repress the vinyl, but to make it feel new and special in it’s own right, so we updated the artwork AND made a new sick printed inner sleeve. And as well as being limited edition, they will be hand numbered too (first come first served on number 1 ;)) so once they sell out they’ll be gone forever and you’ll own something really rare. 
OH and… 
I wanted to show you guys a different perspective on that time in my life, so there’s 5 EXTRA TRACKS including the original demo of Like An Animal!!! These will give you a great insight into how I put the thing together, and how I approached songwriting when I was younger. I hope you dig it. 
Love Alfie T