Love 'N' Joy

Half Home


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Track List

Side A

Lure Of Fortune

Love 'N' Joy

Half Home

Love 'N' Joy

Omodada Gift

Love 'N' Joy

Psy Summer

Love 'N' Joy

Reinvented Wheel

Love 'N' Joy

Side B

Step By Step

Love 'N' Joy


Love 'N' Joy


Love 'N' Joy

Spirit Album Version

Love 'N' Joy

Side C

Side D

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Yellow Disc 140g

Printed Centre Labels

Printed 3mm Spine Outer Sleeve

Catalogue Number: LNJUA-01

Project Details

The kyiv-based ukrainian band love’n’joy announces the release of their 2nd lp titled “half home” which is the followup to 2019’s “bender on the silk road’’. the record consists of 9 tracks including the first single – “reinvented wheel”.

The chosen title “half home” turned out to be a kind of prophecy. The recording and mixing of the album was completed on february 21 in kyiv at the crimyrec studio, exactly 3 days before the start of the full scale russian invasion of ukraine.

The state of uncertainty and isolation from home is now more relevant than ever for both ukrainians forced to leave their homes as a result of russia’s aggression, and for millions of people on earth who have experienced these kind of feelings.

The idea of the album title was mainly connected with the loss of crimea, the place where me and sergey (the drummer) were born and raised and where our relatives live under russian occupation.

After the events of february 24, when we had to leave our native kyiv, this feeling multiplied” – anton (frontman) despite the tragic circumstances, the album contains many emotional colors, from the disappointment and aggression of “reinvented wheel”, a mixture of confusion and optimism in “step by step” to a soft space odyssey in the song “galaxy” which is sung by the band’s bassist andrii sukhariev.

Another interesting composition of the album is the track “omodada gift”, which is essentially the result of a collaboration with lesik omodada, a musician and sound producer from shpytal records from ternopil, as well as a session member of the Love ‘N Joy band.