Return To Cropredy


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Track List

Side A



Side B



Mount Ephraim


Morning Light


Side C



Bulbul Tarang


Side D

A New Day


Sacred Run


Specs & Info

A) Colour, Orange Disc 180g

B) Colour, Orange Disc 180g

Printed Centre Labels

Printed Gatefold Outer Sleeves

Catalogue Number: WLTH003

Project Details

In 2023, Solstice made a triumphant return to the globally famous Cropredy Festival, marking 25 years since they last played there. Back in 1998, the band’s performance was plagued by sound difficulties and their plans to release a live recording was somewhat stymied. But, true to form, they reconvened the following day to recreate, live in the studio, the Cropredy Live Set. The release sold in its hundreds and has long been unavailable.

This is different…… The band is at the top of its game, gigging regularly in UK and abroad, to showcase their recent albums, Sia (2020) and Light Up (2023), and this time the whole show was successfully recorded in all its glory. After over 40 years on the circuit, this album can truly be described as their first, genuinely and wholly live album as an official physical release, with all the atmosphere of being at a festival attended by 20,000, yes, 20,000 people.

It is a true delight, chock full of progressive rock/folk tunes old and new, with soaring guitars, catchy fiddle and keyboard solos, infectious dance tracks and gorgeous vocals and harmonies. And, as a unique treat, it features Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull, Steve Hillage and more) on Morning Light…..

This will be a very limited vinyl run and a strictly one-off pressing in this format, a double LP, in a colour to complement the gatefold sleeve. Definitely one for your collection.