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Project Details

‘Songs from Echo Zoo’ is the upcoming sophomore release by London group Night Flight, who blend shimmering, uplifting melodies with textured, atmospheric guitar music reminiscent of Real Estate, Deerhunter and The War On Drugs.

These are songs to evoke visions of California, Canada, even London itself, and refigure them as places that exist within the imagination.

Lockdown became a creative boom for Night Flight, with the LP initially coming together from everyone exchanging ideas remotely. Once it came time to record, the sessions were helmed by long-time collaborator James Mottorshead and consisted of three different visits to Echo Zoo in Eastbourne between 2020 and 2022.

Influenced by Matisse cut-outs and Bauhaus colour, the handmade artwork for ‘Songs From Echo Zoo’ has been designed by drummer Dan Webb.

“Balancing refined songwriting and lavish instrumentation with a deft touch…Night Flight might just be the UK’s answer to Fleet Foxes” – Notion Magazine

“If you like Kurt Vile and The War On Drugs, then Night Flight are for you…euphoric” – NME