Three Ukranians Mad For Brit-Pop And 60's Psychedelia

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Taking influence from the golden age of 60s and 70s, british pop and trippy psychedelia, love’n’joy’s music perceive to be the journey of “tribal collective unconsciousness”.

But they also put an element of hard rock – with jimi hendrix and led zeppelin among their influences – and plenty of guitars, which lend a rougher edge. their work reflects the spirit of a new, resurgent ukrainian rock music.

Playing together since 2016, the guys released their new album “bender on the silk road” in 2019 and made a limited edition of their first vinyls and tapes. the new release was supported by europavox, psychedelic baby magazine, 2xs rocks, for the love of bands, beat to be and many more.

Constantly touring all over europe, including festivals and support acts of kikagaku moyo, boogarins and swedish death candy, the shivas, sugar candy mountain and the shivas, the band is right now travelling across europe and the uk to collect donations for their donation campaign ,musicians defend ukraine.

With the upcoming second lp „half home“ ready to see the light of day, love’n’joy will be touring

extensively once the record is released on 02.09.2022.

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Love ‘N’ Joy
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