Clean Cut Kid

A Crisis Of Faith At The Death Of A Loved One


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Track List

Side A

You've Got This

Clean Cut Kid

Handsome Devil (Sad Version)

Clean Cut Kid

Death Narrative

Clean Cut Kid

Holy Ghost

Clean Cut Kid


Clean Cut Kid

Side B

What We Wouldn't Give

Clean Cut Kid

Black Suit

Clean Cut Kid

The River Jim

Clean Cut Kid

Morning Mourning

Clean Cut Kid


Clean Cut Kid

Specs & Info

Translucent Coke Bottle Green Disc 140g

Printed Centre Label

Printed 3mm Outer Sleeve

Printed Inner

Catalogue Number: CCKSTU05

Project Details

A concept album recorded to 1” 8-track tape at the band’s own Dead Room Studios, ‘Crisis’ is a deep dive into the bittersweet relationship between love and grief.

Released on 3rd November 2023 via Babe Magnet Records.

“The record is pretty much based around one week of my life.

It opens with me visiting my grandad (Jimmy) on his deathbed and saying goodbye.

I guess it’s about the finality of death, juxtaposed against the total unwavering nature of love; and how those two things cause us to create coping mechanisms in the form of heaven and hell.

It’s also just a direct reach-out to my family, especially my mum Lin (Jim’s Daughter).” Mike Halls