This Dream of Mine


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Track List

Side A

This Dream of Mine


Brightest Star


Side B

I Love You (So Much More)


Devil’s Gonna Get You


Specs & Info

Splatter Disc 140g, Yellow - Orange - Green

Printed Centre Labels

Printed 3mm Spine Outer Sleeves

Catalogue Number: BB016LP

Project Details

Marseille are back for the summer with indie, feel good jangle pop-stormer “This Dream of Mine” and with the addition of not 1, not 2 but 3 B-sides offering different sides of the band sound and showcasing their songcraft

The single (and b-sides) will drop on the 25th of August 2023 across all the major streaming platforms. It will also be accompanied by a music video.

The lead single “This Dream of Mine” really emphasizes that 90’s Madchester Jangle Pop influence, which is the real backbone of Marseille’s sound and musical output so far.

Opening with the great thunderous, yet elegant drumming style of Marseille drummer, Tom Spray. The song really lets you know it is Marseille with the high energy and tempo which is prominent in their live performance. Then with the poppy chords, booming bass lines and catchy vocals, the song bursts into euphoria with a bang leaving listeners wondering what hit them.

The songwriting and musicianship really come across here and work as one, intertwining and it works for Marseille. A sound I believe will be returning in future releases and will ultimately make them stand out from the crowd.

As for the B-sides, these are not just extra bits of content for die-hard fans, no no no. These are all masterpieces in their own right. All showcasing the talent and songwriting of the band and are all well worth a listen.

The jangle pop love song that is “Brightest Star”, the stunningly beautiful break up song “I Love You (So Much More)” or the psychedelic madness of “Devil’s Gonna Get You” all of these songs really show what makes this band so special and they should be celebrated just as much as anything else the band has done.

Marseille lead singer and songwriter “Will Brown” had this to say about the single:

“This Dream of Mine was the sort of song I’ve been wanting to bring to the band for a while, a high-energy, feel-good song yet keeping the jangle-pop sound intact and I believe the single does just that.

I remember jamming out the song for the first time in rehearsal and a smile I couldn’t hold back started beaming on my face and if the single can do that for our listeners and fans then we will have succeeded.”


Will Brown: Vocals; backing vocals; rhythm guitar; lead guitar; acoustic guitar; 12-string guitar; percussion; keyboard

Joe Labram: Lead guitar; backing vocals; rhythm guitar; acoustic guitar; 12-string guitar

Tom Spray: Drums; percussion

Lennon Hall: Backing vocals; rhythm guitar; lead guitar; acoustic guitar; 12-string guitar

Felix Moxey: Bass

James Singleton: Production; mixing; mastering

Karl Shaw: Graphic design

Track 1 composed by Will Brown
Tracks 2-4 composed by Will Brown and Joe Labram