The Phenomenon of Memory


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Track List

Side A

1. Sunrise (Live)

2. Alpha Decay

Side B

1. Echoic Memory (Live)

2. Positron Emission

Side C

1. Eternity Well

2. Forest Dungeon

Side D

1. The Mist

2. Dusk (Live)

Specs & Info

Clear with Yellow & Red Colour-in-Colour Disc 140g

Printed 5mm Outer Sleeve

Estimated Delivery: November 2023

Project Details

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The second album from MOY is a musical evolution, borne of change.

Since his first compilation appearance in 2019, the prolific producer and live performer has released on some of electro’s most revered labels, including Analogical Force, AC Records, Nocta Numerica and Exalt – but this latest record, for his own MOY imprint, amps up the musicality and emotion to create something even deeper.

Moving cities and becoming a parent have imprinted the sound of ‘The Phenomenon Of Memoryʼ. The opener, ‘Sunrise (Live)ʼ, rides a thundering breakbeat, but the plangent acid lines, moody bass undertows and gorgeous piano riffs give it a poignant air.

‘Alpha Decayʼ is a slow and low electro cut wreathed in bleeps and soaring string pads, with a monstrous low-end tying it all together, while ‘Echoic Memoryʼ sounds like a lost gem of mid ʼ90s electronica, recalibrated for modern ears, with its mystic synth lines and stately break.

‘Positron Emissionʼ is huge, a rare instance of the producer in 4/4 techno mode, with a heavily armoured rhythmic undercarriage and sulphuric frequencies powering it along.

Then thereʼs ‘Eternity Wellʼ, which could be his best track so far; the ethereal synths suggest some shoegaze guitar classic, but the beats are pure electro, and when the cascading melody hits midway through, you know youʼre in the presence of a future classic.

‘Forest Dungeonʼ has a snaking bassline that weaves through the track like an adder through woodland, and ‘The Mistʼ is what we need more of: acid drum a bass, filled with metallic fills, speedy 303 burbles and emotive bleeps. The final track, ‘Duskʼ, is a reflective ambient closer, a hitherto unheard side of MOY that hints at further evolutions in the near future.

Built of improvisation, experimentation, and most of all, emotion – expect to hear this record resonating from festivals, clubs and home stereos for many years to come.