Riding The Low

Awake You Sleeping Giants (Part 1)


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Track List

Side A

Road (Breakfast For The Crows version)

Riding The Low

Medusa’s Head

Riding The Low

This Inherent Cloak

Riding The Low

Side B

The Greatest Blast (Road To Babylon version)

Riding The Low

End This Attack (New Mix)

Riding The Low

Specs & Info

Yellow Disc 140g

Printed Labels

Printed 3mm Outer Sleeves

Catalogue Number: ClinFin6EP

Project Details

Riding The Low’s latest EP release is a collection of reworked tracks, taken from the five-piece’s early albums, that moves effortlessly between all genres on the rock spectrum. The band is made up of singer Paddy Considine, guitarists Chris Baldwin and Dan Baker, bassist Richard Eaton and drummer Conor Smith. Awake You Sleeping Giants (Part 1) is the band’s first EP of this kind and follows 2022’s The Death of Gobshite Rambo album.

The band have said of the music: “It lends itself to all the influences like REM and Guided By Voices [but] it is quite theatrical,” indeed the band’s live shows have been known to incorporate fake blood and a baseball bat with the listener taken on a sonic journey where the narrative builds to an apex.

“We want people to feel something. You bet it’s real. The size and power of the [songs] has not happened by accident. It’s a lot more muscular now, everyone is more confident in their place in the band and owning it more…”

This limited-edition yellow vinyl is in partnership with Press On Vinyl’s flagship FairSound platform, the distribution arm of the Middlesbrough pressing plant, and Darlington-based label Butterfly Effect, and will be strictly limited to 100.

Exclusive handwritten lyrics will be hidden in two copies. The EP features the tracks Road (Breakfast For The Crows Version) showcasing the band’s trademark melodic heavy rock sound; Medusa’s Head, where shards of Britpop and fragments of psychedelia collide; the radio friendly fairground balladry of This Inherent Cloak; centrepiece, The Greatest Blast (Soldier On To Babylon Version); and the sixties maximalism of End This Attack (Remix).

Abstract but storied lyrical themes create timeless jaunts that combine with the music to build a theatre of sound, crafted from ire and brimstone and an ideological ethos that means the band must create.

Awake You Sleeping Giants (Part 1) is a statement of intent from a band now ready to reconcile the dual forces of their recorded and live manifestations with a confidence only achieved from playing with each other for over fifteen years…

“It’s too fucking good to stop but there was something missing from the earlier recordings and in the live setting some of those songs become monsters. We decided to give them a real kick up the arse and rerecord them and that is how …Sleeping Giants came about.”