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Various Artists

Louis’ Teenage Spirit


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Track List

Side A

1. Louis' Teenage Spirit

Side B

1. Louis' Teenage Spirit (Echo Juliet Rework)

Project Details

“Jazz artists, MCs, and DJs release charity single Louis Teenage Spirit in memory of a talented young musician Louis Watkiss who tragically died at 12 on 24th September 2021 at Tamworth’s Snowdome.

Louis was a grade five sax player and a member of both SFE ensembles and Bmusic’s Jazz Lines Summer School. Whilst being part of the summer school in August 2021, Louis met Xhosa Cole, a mentor, and a winner of the BBC Young jazz musician of the Year.

After one of his days at jazzlines, Louis and I watched the Camilla George Quartet accompanied by a Birmingham-based MC, Sanity perform, and the artists agreed to record a track dedicated to Louis.

All proceeds will go towards three charities, SFE , Bmusic and the LJW Music Fusion Foundation set up by Natalie, and Chris Watkiss.

The powerful track comprises three distinct sections; Xhosa Cole and the Quartet perform the first section and deliver an upbeat, cool, funky, and vibrant sound to celebrate Louis.

The Middle section slows downtempo, with a poignant saxophone solo beautifully perfumed by Camilla George to allow the listeners to reflect on Louis’ life. Finally, the piece picks up pace, and Sanity blends in stunning, intimate, touching vocals that the family wrote—supported by Louis Hamilton Foad, Dougie Hill, Gabs Amann and Chris Outwaite.

Jez Collins, a family friend, suggested that side B of this 12-inch vinyl single should be a remix/rework.

Echo Juliet, a Birmingham-based DJ, produced a percussion-heavy rework influenced by deep house and broken beat, sampling the original keys, vocals, trumpet, and drums, resulting in a beautiful, vibrant piece of music which Sam Redmore mixed.”